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The Samsung Chromebook Pro can be identified by its model number XE510C24.

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The touchscreen doesn't work

The touchscreen is completely unresponsive. The Chromebook works perfectly otherwise, but doesn’t respond to a finger or the stylus on the touchscreen. I also don’t get the notification when I take out the stylus. I’ve tried factory resetting, but it doesn’t change anything.

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you could try and disassemble the unit and clean the contacts and reseat the connections to see if this works. secondly, i would try and install all updates and drivers associated with the model. thirdly, i would check the settings in bios or os settings to ensure that the functionality is indeed enabled and working properly. with all three of these steps done, you will find an error somewhere or will be in the ballpark of what to troubleshoot. start here for diasassembly and reseating the cables/ cleaning contacts, then proceed with updates and so on:

Remplacement de l'écran du Samsung Chromebook Pro

post back with any findings for further assistance.

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Bingo! Seems like the digitizer was disconnected. I've had a lot of battery problems with this chromebook and it must've come undone during one of the replacements.


good deal...great job on the repair.


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