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Patagonia Middle Fork Waders booties hole repair


I have the Patagonia Middle Fork waders and discovered a small tear/cut in my right bootie which lets water in. Other then this the waders work great. Do you have a recommended way to repair this damage?

Thank you,


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Hey Kevin,

I’m not sure if you have repaired your tear in your bootie or not. You can fix it on your own with Gear-Aid Seam Grip or you can send it in to us (longer leave time 4wks) and will replace the bootie with a new one.

DIY repair is easy and you can purchase the urethane adhesive on-line at Gear-Aid.

If you take the time to apply the cement in a clean manner you have a nice flat repair in no time.

I have even used it to repair a hole using a clear LDPE material as backing on the inside. The adhesive does not stick to LDPE so it’s great as a backer to cover the repair while it cures, you can add a flat weighted object on top of the repair to make flat. Just ensure you use the LDPE material (polybag) to cover the adhesive first before adding the weighted object.

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Hi Marty,

Thank you for this information.

No I have not repaired the waders yet. I am planning to do it today (Friday) using the repair kit that came with the waders. If that does not work, I will try your recommendation.

Best Regards,



Hi Kevin,

How did it go? If you like, you can contact me at


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