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Sortie en novembre 2016, la PS4 Pro dispose d'un matériel mis à niveau pour les jeux 4K et des performances PSVR améliorées.

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Why won't PS4 Pro won't boot after thermal paste replacement?

Hi all,

I was a phone repair man and current engineer so I’ve worked lightly with this stuff before. My friend and I took apart his PS4 Pro and replaced the thermal paste. When we went to turn it back on, it worked, and went to the netflix screen and then it just shut off.

Now, it will no longer boot. It’ll beep once, have the blue light come on on the front, then power off. Taking the lid off and doing this I see the fan doesn’t even spin during bootup or anything.

I took it apart again, applied thermal paste again, put all of the screws back and made sure that each cable was seated and still nothing.

I did not blow the copious amounts of dust out, so I’ll try that later today, as well as picking up higher quality paste at staples as I ran out. I’ve seen reports of people turning it upside down and giving the PS4 PRO a hard smack and this working which I’ll also try.

Any other thoughts?

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Okay, when the PS4 turns on and show the blue light and is turning off it self after 3-5 seconds. It’s (mostly) caused by the following reasons:

  1. Faulty PSU, the power supply failed.
  2. APU failure, the APU needs to be reballed/reflowed.

But it can also occur if the clamps are not placed as how they should be.

I think it has something to do with the APU or the clamps.

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Okay thank you for this. I guess my question would then by, why would the APU fail, if it was just working a moment ago before this? And Why would it fail if it turned on and worked fine before it shut off on us?

The clamps are in the screw holes, is there anything else I can do about this?


Be sure that the clamps are in as they came out. Sometimes, it's installed upside down, causing this issue. Not sure, perhaps it was already starting to get loose (solder joints). You can test with a reflow (if everything is installed correctly), and see how that goes.


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