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Un ordinateur personnel qui se trouve dans un boitier avec ses composants de base, on y branche des périphériques tiers nécessaires à l'exploitation, comme une souris, un clavier et un moniteur.

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Built gaming PC but won't boot up or power on

On first attempt, monitor gave “HDMI, no signal”. There weren’t any beeps or processing sounds. The only sounds coming from tower were the CPU and Tower fans. Tried some suggestions from DrGlowire on a similar question, such as testing the voltages of PS. tested the the 24 pin plug and found all within range except one (Blue -11.17 where range is -11.52 to -12.48. Then tried minimum config with PS connected to MB and 1 stick of RAM but did not know how to check voltages when PS is plugged into MB. Also tried another suggestion on forum (from Mike @aactech) of disconnecting power cord from power supply and pressing the power button for 10 seconds. Then removed silver coin battery from MB as suggested. We then disassembled everything and rebuilt it, checking for any damage/bent pins along the way. Same result. Only thing we can hear/see operating is the CPU and Tower fans. Please help! Thank you.

Update (07/30/2020)

Sorry Mike. First time post. I hope this is the information that you are looking for. MB - MSI B450M Pro VDH Max, MS-7A38 VER: 8.0; CPU - AMD Ryzen 5; PS - Corsair CX600M; RAM - Team T-Force Vulcan Z 2 x 8gb ddr4 3000; HD - Sunbow 450 GB 2.5” SSD & VC - Gigabyte Radeon RX570 8GB.

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As always please state make, exact version of motherboard and revision number (look on board itself usually in white letters) , CPU version (you may have a newer AMD CPU which requires the BIOS being updated BEFORE you insert your CPU - the shop you bought it from will often do this for you - requires an older CPU), RAM, etc.

You know the specs.


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Hi Ross,

It maybe simply be a compatibility issue.

You don't say which model Ryzen 5. As far as I know your motherboard wont work with a 1st generation Ryzen 5 1600X, 1400. Look at the CPU Code on the box or the chip itself.

Here's the CPU compatibility list:

You could check your other components here as well.

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Hi @ryl777 ,

To add to the answer connect a system speaker - examples only to the motherboard's JFP2 header pins 1& 4 (see user manual - p.12 & p.8) and check for any beep error codes when turning on.

I'm not sure but I think that MSI has AMIBIOS so hopefully this may help as well


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