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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505F) mis sur le marché en 2019.

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A50 won't charage or turn on - Overheating icon

I have an A50 that started claiming that it was overheating and wouldn’t charge. I tried:

Factory reset - No change

Clean charging port with pin, IPA, q-tip - No change

Remove rear cover - Minor water damage on some chips on charging daughterboard, and on the main board.

Replace midframe - No change

Shorting the 2 pins on the side of the motherboard that corresponds to the power button sometimes lets the phone turn on depending on what is connected.

Cleaned water damage with IPA and q-tip - No change

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Block Image

Removing these three PCB components resolved the problem for me. I used a soldering iron and managed to get them off in the end. - This shows a very similar process for a very similar board from the Galaxy A20.

Buying a new charging port should also fix the problem properly.

I believe this solution may merely removes the phone’s capability of detecting the temperature, and as such, buying a new charging port is a recommended solution.

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Remove them or replace them?

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You just have to remove them.


I simply removed them, which removes the phone's capability to sense the temperature. I do not know if this is the root cause of the problem, so I don't know if replacing them will fix it properly.


I have the same issue. Removed the three components and now it turns on but wont take a charge. Any ideas? Might also be the battery as it has a dent in it but I don’t think that’s the case.


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