Home Button wobbles and isnt flush with glass?

Hi, I have a black iPhone that I converted to white. The problem im running into is that the home button is wobbly. If I push the top of the button with my finger, I get nothing, if I push the bottom, I get nothing. So it has kind of a see-saw effect. I have to push it directly in the middle in order to get it to work and squeeze properly. I followed your guide on tearing the phone apart and I tried the original ribbon cable and one from eBay. As well as 3 different home buttons, including the black one. When I tried putting the black screen back on, im still getting this problem. Is there a way to stabilize the home button so it sits flush against the screen and squeezes evenly regardless of what angle I push the button in? Its kind of like it needs something to put pressure upwards. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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