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Commercialisé en mai 2020, ce MacBook Pro 13" comprend des processeurs quad-core 10e génération Intel Core i5 et i7 ainsi qu'une carte graphique Intel Iris Plus intégrée. Modèle A2251/EMC3348 avec quatre ports Thunderbolt 3.

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What is a good replacement hard drive?

What is a good replacement hard drive?

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non permette di partizione ne Boot Camp che fare?


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There is no means to replace or add a new drive in this series. The drive (SSD) is soldered directly onto the logic board.

Your only option is to buy an external USB-C drive to use for your content, leaving the internal as the boot drive with your OS & Apps and your current work.

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What happens if the SSD stops working? Should the whole logic board be replaced? What happens then with the latest data stored in the SSD? Is it possible to recover data from the soldered SSD if the computer stopped working?


Good question!

Apple believes the possibility of a drive failure is less likely with soldered storage. Which is not unreasonable given the same storage is used in our phones and tablets under normal to light use. Unlike these devices I not see it personally. PC's use storage much more and besides many folks can't fork-over the higher amount for the larger storage they are likely to need to upgrade there systems later. Which with soldered storage is not possible (or provision internally to add a second device).

You need to take responsibility for your data! That is, back it up as often as you can so you don't lose anything. Then the only risk is if your system dies how to you scrub your system so your data is not recovered by someone who is not authorized. Apples T2 chip does help here as it encrypts the drive so make sure your user ID and Apple ID have strong passwords.


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Hey Bandoceo,

I am sorry to tell you that in the MacBook Pro 2020 all storage is directly connected to the motherboard and cannot be replaced. To get around this you could plug in an external drive of some sort (External HDD/SSD or a pen/thumb drive etc) Which would allow you to store more documents etc but in terms of on board memory this cannot be upgraded after purchase from Apple. If you haven’t yet bought the device you can pick different storage configurations when purchasing.

Hope this helps,


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