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Samsung 65-inch 2160P TV. Released in 2015.

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Vertical lines on screen

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a few colored lines popped up on the left side of the tv almost a year after getting it. Then months later in the middle of watching a show my tv turned in a screen full of colorful thin lines. A few days after that it went from thin colorful lines to also black bars. I’ve took the back off of the tv and unplugged and plugged the cables and ribbons in the tcon board but nothing changed. I’m not sure what to do now.

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lets see a good pic of what youre seeing. sounds like panel failure, but a picture will help out with other possibilities.

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@jostewcrew I updated it with a picture.


I came back from camping yesterday same thing, I pulled the back off cleaned all the connections to the t-conn pcuib board. I'm thinking of taking a gamble and replacing the whole t-conn board, there is one on eBay for 70 but the oem board is 200. I dunno...Any suggions lemme know ima mull it over for a few days.


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i have had a set recently with the same symptom. started on one band, then did the whole screen as what youve shown. i of course immediately jumped to panel failure. however....

after troubleshooting the entire set (tcon tests, panel tests) i found that i could not reproduce the problem on screen unless the main board was plugged in.

what this meant to me was that if it was a panel issue, the lines and defects of any extreme would be present without the tcon or main board plugged in.

i ordered a replacement mainboard and the set worked just fine after.

this may be the case for your as well. it was a 50/50 chance when i replaced the board. it worked in my favor this time. if this doesnt work for you, it is definitely the panel.

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