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Informations de réparation et de démontage pour l'iPhone SE de deuxième génération, annoncé et mis sur le marché en avril 2020.

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Touch screen malfunction is it because of the tempered glass?

I bought new iphone and I fixed a tempered glass as a protective guard since it is very expensive to fix the protective gear from Apple I opted for a local make.Here in India lock down because of the pandemic we are unable to take it to the APPLE store. First the screen froze then whenever we speak a whatsapp call it hangs and then we need to off it and restart it.The speaker protocol activates when we take it near the ears and all of a sudden we get a loud noise.Apple says the hardware & software are good.What should I do if to change the tempered glass what else I can use as a protective guard.Please explain and guide me.Thank you.Narayanan Lakshmanan India

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As explained my screen freezes very often, we checked the software & hardware at the APPLE facility and they said every thing is fine.When ever it freezes the touch screen behaves odd when we speak a whatsapp call after completion when we press the red button it does not respond it hangs I think I have explained to the best of my ability what should I do change the tempered glass to an another protective gear if so which one.Please guide me


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Remove the screen protector and see if it still has problems. If it still has problems I would take it back to Apple for a replacement as it should be still under warranty. If the problem goes away after you have removed the screen protector than try another screen protector.

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