Circle with line across

Mac Pro Mojave won’t boot, after progress bar I get a circle with diagonal line. I then did a SMC and PRAM reset.

I’ve tried all of the following but they all end up with a circle with diagonal line:

  • CMD + R
  • CMD + ALT + R
  • Held OPTION and selected Mojave (drive 1)
  • Held OPTION and selected Mojave USB installer
  • Created a new Mojave USB installer and tried to boot from it
  • Created a new High Sierra USB installer and tried to boot from it
  • Did a system check of the drive on another Mac, no issues found
  • Restored drive 1 from a Time Machine backup (drive booted from another Mac)
  • Fresh Mojave install onto a different drive (Drive booted from another Mac)

Drive 2 is Windows 10, I can boot into that after holding OPTION and selecting the drive. But anything Mac related is not booting :(

Any ideas on what is wrong with my Mac Pro?

Mac Pro 5,1 with boot camp. Drive 1 MacOS Mojave. Drive 2 Windows 10 Home.

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Thanks for the reply Dan. I found that article and it wasn’t helpful as I’ve tried those suggestions and my issue persists. I did edit my post to include that I did a hard drive check from the disk utility, no issues found.


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