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Lancé le 20 septembre, le plus grand et plus cher smartphone Apple de l'année 2019 impressionne avec son écran OLED de 6,5 pouces, sa caméra à triple objectif et l'amélioration de l'autonomie de sa batterie. Il succède à l'iPhone XS Max.

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No internet or Wizfi

I have a iPhone 11 Pro Max that was dropped and drove over by a golf cart. Had the screen replaced already and thought was good. Back is also still cracked. Cellular part still works but can not use the internet or WiFi. Any idea what I need to buy. Has no protection for repairs. So I thought I would myself. Please help.

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You could start by changing the wifi antenna but my guess is the connection in between the split board is broken. I would take it to a repair shop that does microsoldering work and have it checked out. Also if the back is cracked and it gets wet water will poar in.

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Im having a similar issue with an 11 Pro Max. During set up, Im not getting any wifi available. As well as this, when I am pressing the little 'i' in the right hand corner, it is not showing any IMEI information. I am aware that usually this is a baseband problem. However, I recently figured out that swapping the signal antenna brings back the baseband (in most case). Do you think that changing the charge port (where Im assuming the other signal antenna is) would also be worth swapping out, along with the wifi antenna?

Thanks in advance


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