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Repair guides and support for the laptop line of Acer's Aspire series for casual home and business use.

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HOW do remove BIOS password

how can slove my laptop bois password…

ACER Aspire3


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Enter the wrong password and add the code here


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1 solution

Not sure if it is stored in CMOS flash chip or in the ram, that can be reset. I don’t have the machine, so cannot confirm it myself.

If it can be cleared, yuou would need to open up the laptop, and remove the main battery, and the CMOS battery from the system. was a teardown of a related system.

Block Image

I have circled the connectors for the main and CMOS batteries. It can take a while for the circuits to forget, so it would likely take a few minutes before reconnecting it. You will need to reprogram the clock and likely the settings in the BIOS.

It could also be there is a OS password, that might need to be reset as well.

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