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EXHAUST and BOOSTB fans running at 0RPM, BOOSTA running at full speed

Title says it all, here’s a screenshot from macs fan control

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Where do I even begin on trying to fix this? Exhaust had always been broken, never bothered to fix as I had no idea where to begin. I just repasted both of the CPUs and all of the sudden BOOSTB stops working and BOOSTA runs at full speed all the time.

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Fan's do fail over time ;-{


@danj any clue where the exhaust fan is so I can replace it?


@tronke - Which model do you have? Look through this list MacPro's. Apple created a few variations which different internals.

Have you tried just looking at the fans so set which ones are not spinning?


Found the fan, I used macs fan control to activate all of the fans and I isolated the one that wasn't spinning :)


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Answering this for myself, the processor was not seated correctly and therefore was causing these issues. Doh!

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