LG America fridge freezer thermal overload

Hi my fridge freezer has stopped working after replacing the compressor relays with no change to the issue ive found if i leave the fridge door open the compressor with work and cool the freezer but as soon as i close the fridge door the compressors thermal relay trips. has anyone got any ideas what to do next thanks

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Hi @cally4x4 ,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

Strange that you say that it cools with the door open.Do you mean that the compressor keeps running?

Usually with refrigerators and freezers when a door is opened the evaporator fan is stopped and the lights are turned on and no cold air is blown into the compartments as you don't want to blow any cold air out of the compartment making it warmer The compressor will keep running though.

When the door is shut again the evaporator fan starts again to cool the compartments to the set temps and the light is switched off.

Is there a door switch that you can manually operate to see if it turns the light on and off and if you can feel or hear the evaporator fan stop and start?


Hi thanks for reply

when i leave the fridge door open the compressor runs and cools the freezer but once i close the door the compressor cuts out i can see and hear the thermal overload click. all the lights work as they should on with door open off with door closed.

the unit is a LG L207QVJA

i have removed most of the inners to get a look at the working everything seems to be as it should i unpluged the fan that pushes cold air to the frigde incase it as faulty but once the fridge door is close a few seconds later the compressor is off and i can hear the relays on top of the fridge trying to restart




Why did you have to replace the compressor relays?

Were their contacts burnt out?

Sorry I don't think I can help with this one.


i changed the relays because they didnt test in spec plus cheapest item first.

you could be right with the fridge door open maybe the compressor only has to output enough for the freezer once the door is closed it might be to much


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