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Why has my reception been bad since I replaced the rear housing?

I recently replaced the rear housing of my iphone 8 plus and I now have really bad reception compared to other iphone 8 pluses on the same carrier. I broke the top antenna flex cable but have now replaced that but still have bad reception. Is the antenna itself located in the rear housing and would that be why I don’t have as good reception? - (when i say reception i only mean cellular reception, wifi has been absolutely fine)

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I had a look and one of the bracket connectors had snapped, so I replaced that and it’s working beautifully

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Is the housing original or aftermarket? Some aftermarket housings may not have proper connections to use the housing as an antenna.

I’ve read in some posts that adding a bit of solder on the connection points on the housing may solve the problem. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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