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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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Why do I get no picture?

Hello everybody!

The picture on my Panasonic TX-55CRW854 has been gone for a few days, but everything else seems to work.

  • Backlight works
  • There is no picture at all
  • Sound works through both optical output and internal speakers
  • Start apps works, Youtube app also emits sound
  • Scheduled recordings are made (TV switches on from standby)
  • Stream from TV stations over the network works fine

The background lighting is lit, but only statically, although the device has local dimming. It is only gone briefly when you start the YouTube app.

I have already exchanged the T-Con board, but did not bring any improvement. There I can measure 12V voltage, so it should be fine.

Power Supply Unit should be ok, I can measure 400 Volts.

I am absolutely not a professional in electrical engineering, so your help would be great!

Block Image

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Patrick Schauer just to clarify. You replaced the T-con board and the main boards, you can visually see the back light turning on and staying on?


Exactly, the backlights are turning on and stay on but no picture.


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1 solution

Hey Patrick S it looks like you almost got it handle. If you already switch out the T-con board then I would also switch out the video board. The video board sends the T-con board the image information to display. I would do that.

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I switched out the mainboard and the background lighting seems to dim correctly. Unfortunately I still don’t get a picture, but thank you anyway!


Can you take some pictures? When you first turn the tv on what do you get? When the tv is on get a flash light to see if there is an image on the screen. If your back lights come on but dim out your back lights could have a bad led in the series causing them to not came on.


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