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Thomas train in need of repair

Hi, my sons Thomas the tank engine train that he loves is not working as the metal clip for the battery to sit on to work has snapped off (it doesn’t have springs it’s a flat bit of metal that the - side of the battery sits against) can this be replaced or is it not doomed for the bin?

many thanks

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share some pictures here and let us have a look,

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Hey loganaiden05 it can be repaired if you know how to soldier. If not look at some youtube videos to get an ideal and a small soldier kit dont cost much. The battery terminal is easy to soldier and it doesn't have to be perfect just need the wire to hold. If you have an old item to recycle the part from you can use that. Or order a new part off the enternet. Google “ battery spring parts” to find the one you need. You will have to take the toy apart to make sure you get the correct part. Just take your time and if you need to take pics to help you remember what goes where. Have fun and your son will think your a superhero.

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Thank you so so much I will order a kit now and will try to DIY, I’m actually so happy to hear it can be fixed as he will be very happy with that


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