Where can I find the Hard drive Size on the logic board?

Hi I just bought a ten pack of iphone 3gs logic boards off a fellow repair person and I want to check the size of the hard drives on them and I have no way of doing that.

I have heard of people checking apple warranty but that just tells me if its a 3g or a 3gs and whether or not my warranty is out of service. Does anyone know a way to check how big your logic board is?

thanks -Dan

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If you are trying to identify to size of the flash memory (the iPhone does not have a Hard drive) take a look at the Toshiba Flash Memory chip. You should get some more info on those through the data sheets for the IC Like this one Toshiba TH58G6D1DTG80 being a 8Gb IC....;-). Of course, you may also have a part number on the boards that could help you.


if you've got a spare complete rear case try putting the boards in and connect to itunes..should tell you there..


I cant assemble because most of them are water damaged and Im selling them as logic boards. thee was a site that let you check serials but would only give you three checks before charging you money. and yes I do mean flash memory, how do you check the storage size from just the logic board?


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