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Repair guides and support for your Philips TV.

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Where can I buy a display panel for philips smart tv, model: 55PFL5901

Where can I buy a display panel for philips smart tv, model: 55PFL5901. The display panel is bleeding and can not be repaired.

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Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your expertise.


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Faliere Dieujuste First you will need to know exactly what panel it is. Remove the back cover from your TV and look at the back of the panel. You should find a label that shows who build it and what the model number is. Then use that number to do an online search. Panels that size are extremely difficult to obtain. Shipping and the cost for a panel this size will most likely cost you more than a new TV. You can always try and sell boards from your TV and recover some of the money to purchase a new TV and recycle the rest of your TV

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