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Version plus petite de l'iPad Pro original. Sortie le 31 mars 2016. Dispose d'un écran de 9,7", d'un processeur A9X et d'options de stockage de 32, 128 ou 256 Go. Disponible en argent, gris sidéral, or et or rose.

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Will iPad Air 9.7 display fit iPad Pro 9.7?

I have a cracked iPad Pro 9.7 screen. I recently acquired an iPad Air 9.7 with a perfect display. DPI and resolution appear to be the same. Any chance that the Air screen would connect and work in the Pro?

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because the first is lcd and touch separated and the other is amoled and they have a very different flex cable

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@tahseenlegacy while I do agree with your answer of not fitting I question that it is an AMOLED display. It is my understanding that iPad Pro has an LED-back-lit display with Apple's True Tone technology and both displays continue to be IPS LCD displays.


@oldturkey03 I *think* the only places AMOLED is used by the high end iPhones starting with the X. You can tell by how they break when dropped. I don't like most - if not almost all AMOLED based phones. IPS LCD is fine, and it doesn't break because you hurt it's feelings and stings you with a high repair cost. The tendency to screen burn also puts me off to it unless I have no choice but AMOLED.

AMOLED phones usually lose the screen - but the glass is fine. AMOLED scales poorly beyond giant smartphones.


@nick yup I know ;)


Thanks, I figured it was a long shot, but worth asking.


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