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Laptop won't turn on after repaste

So yesterday I went to clean my laptop and ended up removing the heatsink to clean the thermal paste (it was in a very bad shape and I had never cleaned it). At one point I spilled some isopropyl alcohol (almost 100% purity) on some wires near the hinge. Figured it wouldn't do harm so I just left it to dry. After that I spent 1h cleaning and reassembling the laptop. When I turned it on, the backlight wouldn't light up. I could see the gigabyte logo but very faintly as if I deactivated the screen via the function key. I managed to restart the computer on windows, but as soon as it turned off, it wouldn't turn on again.

What could have caused this? I didn't disconnect the battery for the cleaning, because I couldn't remove the connector (it was very stiff). Even so I pulled the connector a little, and reassembled the laptop without checking this. Additionally, when I unscrewed, some metal fragments came of the top of the screws, and maybe some tiny parts remained in the mobo (in addition to fragments of thermal pads) even though I brushed everything I could.

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Hi @robeso ,

Not disconnecting the battery was not a good idea.

Isopropyl Alcohol IS conductive to electricity when it is still wet and hasn't evaporated yet. The good thing about it is that it leaves no residues, conductive or otherwise when it has evaporated.

You would need to check the motherboard for any component damage and if none obvious then you would have to search for the motherboard schematic to hopefully find them so that the circuits can be tested etc. Search online for (insert motherboard 'board number') schematic. The board number is printed on the motherboard.

Post some close up images of the motherboard. Maybe someone will spot something if you can’t. Here’s how to do this Ajout d'images à une question existante

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Thank you a lot for the reply. I ended up panicking a little, and left with a local shop to have it checked, since he has stuff like multimeter and etc . So im going to wait a week to see what is his diagnose. If he doesn't manage to find the problem, i will surely upload a picture here.

I know its hard to say given the little info i provided, but do you think that its likely that i have fried the motherboard, caused some short circuit, or any permanent damage like that?



I don't believe in coincidences as far as electronics are concerned.

It was working before you started and not after so perhaps something was damaged. It doesn't mean that the entire motherboard is a write off and hopefully the repairer will find the cause of the problem. It may just be some damaged components. Fingers crossed ;-)


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