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Repair guides and support for computer monitors produced by Samsung.

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Display doesn't start with the PC (Manual start)


I have a new display Samsung 32¨ curved LU32R591CWUXEN. Since I have installed this display the pc never started the display at the same time.

Once the pc is switched on, the display doesn’t start with it and I have to push manually the switch button on the display if i want to see the desktop.

I have set up the Manual detection conexión instead automatic and did not work.

I have tried both cable conexion like HDMI and DisplayPort, none of them is working well. I also installed the original drivers from Samsung for both conexions, HDMI and Dp.

Before using this display I used to have two monitors Philips and they run very well with the Nvidia Geforce 2060 RTX.

I dont know what could be the issue.

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1 solution

Hello, have you tried this monitor with another laptop or desktop PC, also unplug the HDMI or DisplayPort cable while the monitor is working (you can see your windows desktop), wait the first time one second before you plug it back, and if it works then restart the same thing but wait for a long period like 5 seconds, after that 10 seconds, until you reach one minute or the monitor doesn’t wake up again.

Don’t forget to move your mouse from time to time so the PC does not go to sleep.

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