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17" HP Omen gaming laptop with Nvidia RTX 2070, Intel i7-9750H, 512 SSD and 1TB HDD.

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Why might a laptop GPU's core clock become stuck at a set value?

The core clock of the RTX 2070 GPU in my HP Omen laptop has become stuck quite frequently over the last few months. It can become stuck on boot up or after gaming for a short while.

When it becomes stuck, the core clock will usually not clock above either 300MHz or 1215MHz, and there never appears to be any clear reason why this happens.

I have taken all the steps I can think of to rectify it, but nothing works;

  • The GPU drivers are the most up to date.
  • I’m running the latest version of windows.
  • I have the latest BIOS update for the laptop.
  • I have ruled out any third party software as being the culprit through a process of disabling/uninstalling then testing.
  • I am running monitoring software and CPU undervolting software to ensure the GPU isn’t throttling due to heat or power limit (and the issue occurs playing very light old titles as well as new, and the GPU never exceeds 60c).
  • I have restored and recovered the system on more than one occasion.
  • I have benchmarked the GPU (which confirms when it is working that it performs well).

The issue usually goes away on reboot, but sometimes it does not, and requires a full system recovery (starting a fresh) to be fixed. This usually gives me a month or so of gaming without any trouble before the issues returns.

I’m completely stumped, and so are HP support. Does anyone have any ideas?



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Upon further inspection, the GPU appears to be power limiting at 300MHz.


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In the end the GPU needed replacing as nothing else would fix the issue.

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Hello, according to some users with the same issue as you, this solution helped many of them:

  1. Download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) from this link
  2. Uninstall any monitor, overlock… program from your PC, like msi afterburn, gpu-z, asus gpu tweak…
  3. Download Ccleaner and run a custom clean (uncheck your browsers otherwise you’ll lose your passwords, history…) and run a register clean.
  4. Start Windows in safe mode, you can do that by following these steps
  5. Run DDU to uinstall to uninstall the current driver
  6. Restart Windows after finishing in normal mode and install the latest Nvidia driver

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After trying everything to fix it, HP took the laptop in and replaced (amongst other things) the GPU. There was apparently some critical issue with it. Thanks for your response though.


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