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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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My MacBook won't boot - HDD and fan spin, but no chime!

Hey there,

My Macbook doesn't want to turn on - at all! Pressing the power once causes a few mechanical noises, white light comes on, then within a second powers off again.

If I press a *second* time, it usually stays on, but there is a blank screen, no chime and no response to PRAM/SMC reset or anything.

The hard drive is spinning up, as is the fan.

Battery is charging when connected to mains.

Powering on without the top cover ribbon cable connected is pretty much the same deal, so I don't think it's stuck buttons or anything.

I've tried reseating the RAM, and combinations of different RAM sticks in both slots. Running out of ideas here... :(

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2 solutions

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Try resetting the SMC

• Shut down the computer.

• Plug in the MagSafe power adapter to a power source, connecting it to the Mac if its not already connected.

• On the built-in keyboard, press the (left side) Shift-Control-Option keys and the power button at the same time.

• Release all the keys and the power button at the same time.

• Press the power button to turn on the computer. Note: The LED on the MagSafe power adapter doesn’t change states or temporarily turn-off when you reset the SMC.

Next try starting up from your system installation disk, "C" key with disk installed. Let us know your results

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Hi - thanks for the advice. None of the above was possible, however. Turns out the laptop was a victim of what I can only guess was a coffee spill. It had been rather adeptly cleaned but a proper teardown revealed the truth.

It now boots with a new logic board installed, but it seems the top case is also ruined. It hates it when the top case is plugged in.

An attempt to repair the top case like any other fluid-damaged keyboard (sink of warm soapless water, thorough clean and dry) was unsuccessful, so I extracted the keyboard and found the original spill had eaten away at the delicate keyboard matrix.

New top case on the way :-/ will keep you posted.


Thank you so much. It worked perfectly well. I've been thinking where am I going to get money to buy whatever that is damaged. God has really used you to bless me today. I just bought the MacBook a week ago.

Thank you so much.


It works for me

Thanks a lot

Cheers ✌️✌️✌️✌️


Glad these old answers are still of use ;-)


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I want to thank you SO much for your help. After 6 hours of trying to boot my MacBook pro (less than year old) it just would boot halfway and fan would not turn off and kept giving me error. I had appt with Apple freaked my computer was ruined. My entire life at works on here. Ran across your post at 2am you saved me! Thank you

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