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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Why does my MacBook screen stay black but connected extarnaly works?

I’m looking to buy a MacBook White A1342 but the screen is black and when connected to an external display works

I just need to figure out how to know if its the LCD or the actual mother board so I can see if its actually fixable if the problem is the LCD (then it could be easily fixed) or if it is the mother board (then I wont fix it as it could be difficult and time consuming)

Any answers welcome!

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Take a flash light and shine it through the Apple logo on the lid, do you see the faint outlines of your desktop and its icons?

If you do then the logic board backlight logic needs repairs, if not then you might have a bad LVDS cable or the logic board connection is bad or the display its self is bad.

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sorry i didnt really understand this part (do you see the faint outlines of your desktop and its icons?)


ohhh ok i understood im gonna try it


The flash light is acting as your screens backlight!

Think of it this way you have a very dark glass bottle how would you see how much of the liquid is in side? You would hold it up to the sun light or other light source looking for the break point of the liquid and the air. We are basically using the same approach.


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