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Samsung smartphone released in January 2016. Model SM-J320

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Phone suddenly won't charge

My Samsung just suddenly stopped being able to charge and is now dead. It doesn’t have anything to do with the battery as i have tried with a new one which didn’t help. Any ideas on what it is or how to fix it? I have a lot of photos of my now very old dog on there that i’d hate to lose.

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2 solutions

If you still have the replacement battery I would use whatever charge it has to retrieve those pictures. Most of the time the Micro USB port in devices breaks and when that happens it stops charging. But you can also fix the port as well by sending it to someone who does micro soldering.

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Something i would suggest, if you have usb power meter id recommended connecting your charger to that and seeing if your phone pulls anything, also you can check if your charging port is dirty, i get alot of customers that come in and say my phone wont charge and most of the time their charging port is just clogged up with dirt and so on.

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