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The HTC HD2 is a smartphone manufactured by HTC and running the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system.

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Most likely cause for new display being half dead?

After having had an issue with the original digitizer I replaced both digitizer and display - eventhough my original display had still worked perfectly (i had not succeeded to separate the digitizer from the display). I handled the new parts very carefully without applying any force to these parts. I just glued them together using double sided adhesive tape (which I applied on all 4 sides).

Unfortunately the repair only was a partial success: The digitizer now works but the new display seems to be defective: The bottom 1/3 is OK but in the top 2/3 section every odd line seems to be dead (i.e. this section looks greyish.. also it shows colored vertical bars in it).

I wonder if I just bought I defective replacement display or if I maybe I broke some other phone part during my repair work...

(By now I managed to remove the old digitizer from the old display - by heating it in the stove and then pealing off the disintegrating digitizer. I then reconnected the old display for comparison - eventhough I actually expect that I broke the old display by the rough handling... actually the old display now also shows a similar pattern - HOWEVER the defective area here has a different size, i.e. it is even me this looks like an indication that the problem is actually display specific - and not just some main board component which I might have broken.. otherwise both displays should show the same defective area, right?)

Any ideas?

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are you sure the LCD connector is on properly?sometimes you think it is but it just needs a little pressure to get it evenly onto the motherboard.If you have some strange colours, not black/dead pixels I'd suspect a bad connection. Try cleaning the connections with a soft brush to get rid of any dirt/dust that may have got in when you did the repair. Also check that the cable isn't crimped.


thx for the suggestion.. I repeatedly tried the new and the old display (while also always trying to clean the connector - I did not remove the mainboard though).. the connector was always fully inserted and both displays consistently showed their respective error behavior, i.e. for new display 2/3 of the screen is affected by the problem .. while for the old display about 4/5 of the area is affected.. the seller of the display meanwhile offered to double check its functionality and replace it if needed .. so i shipped it back to hong kong...


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hi jürgen,

i'm pretty sure that both lcd's are faulty.

the new lcd could have been damaged during the transport from china (had something like that many times) and the old one died when you removed the digitizer!

lcd are very fragile - every bending or pressure (or whatever) could kill them

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Well I got RMAed the device with similar symptoms, thanks God one month before warranty expiration and the htc service changed whole mobo of hd2... so the LCDs are ok, sorry but it is known issue.

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Thx for the feedback. Meanwhile I got a new replacement display from HK. This time it works :-)

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