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Have a whirlpool duet it stopped working and the only button lit is the door lock it sounds like the water pump is running but no lights will light up at all on control panel..could the water pump going out cause this problem?

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lid was locked and I forced the lid open

My lid was locked and i forced the lid open. Now it won’t fill and I get repeated clicking noises. what would you recommend as a fix?

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I also just did this. Uggh. I think either the tip of the strike broke, or something inside the mechanism unit. Do the strikes have a magnet in them on the end, which the lid lock sensor will detect?


I have the Whirlpool WTW4915EW1 washer and I likely broke the locking mechanism. I can push in the little plungers and the water will start filling until it tries to lock the lid, then the clicking starts. Can the mechanism be removed without pulling off the top of the washer and I have the "death clicks", would it be easier just to replace the mechanism? Still, I will need to know the best way to remove it? Please advise.


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@jstarr98 Sounds like you broke the locking mechanism. There is a little spring, little plastic gears, thin wiring and other little contacts and it they don’t line up just right, the washer won’t work. The clicking is the lock trying to lock but can’t. Something is broken, bent or misaligned. With the washer unplugged, you can remove the lock from underneath the lid. There are several tabs that will seperate so you can get inside the switch. Be careful when separating it, you don’t want anything to be disturb. You’ll need to know where it all goes. A new lid lock can be bought on eBay. It might be easier to just buy new.

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