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Repair information and support for GE Profile Refrigerators.

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Both keep going up, but the freezer never gets back down

I have the exact problem. GE Profile - started a month ago - fridge side supposed to be at 37 and Freezer 0. Both keep going up, but the freezer never gets back down below 6 and just rises from there. I blow dried the back coils, no block of ice there. Side panels are normal, sounds are normal. High end fridge quickly becoming useless. Did you solve this Andrew?

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Hi lady tech ,I have the same problem with my freeze should i buy a new one or try another controle card ?


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It sounds like Gia’s Mum and Andrew both night be have an issue with the spider valve. It is a valve that diverts the refrigerant from one evaporator to the other on a duel evaporator system. These spider valves will open and send the gas to the freezer evaporator for about 15 min or when sensors are satisfied. Then it closes and opens another valve for gas to go to the other evaporator in the fresh food section where after about 15 min the valve Wil close and repeat until the valve fails and sticks or gets restricted. This is part of the sealed system. Check GEs warranty on your unit by calling GE. This repair can only be done by a certified refrigeration technician.

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