HELP Forgot to factory reset before sending into Asurion

I recently dropped my Samsung phone and damaged the screen to the point I sent it to Asurion for a replacement. The phone turned on, but the screen stayed black. Call it ignorance, but I didn't realize it would be wise to factory reset the device before sending it in. I also didn't have a pass code to unlock the screen.

I already received my new device, but I am worried about all the personal information, accounts, passwords, photos, etc. that would be accessible on the old device.

I read about wiping the device using the Android Device Manager, but I would assume it is too late for that since I already have my new device.

How might Asurion went about wiping / resetting the phone if the screen is not functioning?

Just real worried about all the personal info on the device.

Does anybody have any words of advice?

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