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My screen turns on, but it's still black. Sound works tho.

I was trying to turn on my tablet, and the screen was black. I can tell that it turned on, but there is no color, just black. I had music playing on it and if I turn it up I can still hear the music. HELP?!

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@elizabeth120306 that sounds like a bad LCD display. We would need to know your exact make and model to try and assist you further.

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I know the model but not the make. The model is RCT6K03W13. Thanks for the help


Also this type of tablet is really crap, legit $50 dollars at walmart, so issues are to be expected I guess. I still really need to fix it though. . . .


@elizabeth120306 50 bucks is 50 bucks. Crap or not :-) anyhow. something like this guide RCA 10 Viking Pro RCT6K03W13 Motherboard Replacement gets you into your tablet. You would have to remove pretty much everything (not as bad as it sounds) and then replace the LCD panel. Only issue right now is to find a replacement.


@oldturkey03 yeah lol. thanks so much for the help, i'm going to work on it first thing in the morning (my hands are too shaky at the moment lol) and i'll find one. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


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