Sander won't rotate when plugged in after attempt at cleaning

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I’ve been using my Ryobi Sander (pictured here) on my daugher’s hardwood floor and it’s been going great, if slow. The problem came up when I needed to thoroughly clean it, after repeated overheating, since it became rather clogged. I removed the top velcro pad, the rubber bushing under it, unscrewed the pad, then removed the center bolt from the motor shaft, the bearing and it’s surrounding piece with the 4 screw holes in it, the jagged metal piece that resembles a fan, and got down to the empty compartment which was filthy, cleaned it up, cleaned all the pieces too, and used the repair diagram which is available on the Ryobi website to reassemble it. I followed all of the directions as shown in the diagram, then, attempted to plug it back in and test it, and although the motor does clearly come on and operate, the actual disk does not move at all, and the device won’t operate as it did before. Any idea as to what i did wrong? I have tried taking it apart and reassembling it, to no avail. Any thoughts at all would be greatly appreciated! (link to the reassembly diagram is here: (you can email me at if this link won;t open)


Thanks much.

Rebecca Kohl

(Edit): Image including parts 14, 15 and 19 added in response to oldturkey03

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Rebecca Kohl can you post some pictures of your sanders parts with your QUESTION. I think the issue here is somewhat related to "the jagged metal piece" and part number 15/19

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