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The smaller of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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MacBook air 11 inch 2013 doesnt charge

Hi everybody!

My Macbook Air 11 inch mid 2013 is working perfectly fine only it doesn't charge.

  • No light on the magsafe —> charging icon shows —> battery is not charging —> the macbook itself is running on the electricity grid not the battery when the magsafe is plugged in.
  • I have installed a new battery
  • I looked all over the internet but have found no solution until I found this site :-)
  • The logic board is clean, no water damage

I have tried:

  • cleaning the magsafe connector
  • resetting SMC and NRAM
  • Booting without a battery

On images below:

The icon of charging is on, but it says "Battery is not charging"

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

My questions

  • Is the Magsafe not the problem because if connected my Macbook is getting power through the magsafe. (the battery is not going down) So the Magsafe must be working, right?
  • Its not the IO board because of the same reason above? Or am I mistaken?
  • Anybody have any suggestions how to fix this problem

Thanks in advance.



Update (10/24/2020)

Thanks Dan, for you help!

Is this what you asked?

Block Image

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Let’s get a better view of things, install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see Ajout d'images à une question existante


Hans - It appears the battery is not charging! At 60% it should be charging. We can see the battery is in discharge by a Watt and the charger is connected.

Did you inspect the MagSafe charger and the system connector? Let remove the easy issues before we worry about the deeper issues.


I did inspect the MagSafe charger.

- no dirt or anything

- its not the newest but it looks good

The system connector is also clean.

On the inside, the IO board looks clean, no corrosion!


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1 solution

You likely have a bad MagSafe charger or the I/O Board which is what the charger connects to is damaged.

Apple 45W MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook Air Make sure you get a REAL Apple unit as there are many knockoff’s which can damage your system.

MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2013-Early 2015) I/O Board

There is 4 contacts for power and one pin for the charging logic within your system to communicate with the charger and the chargers LED.

So we need to first see if the chargers connector is making proper contact to the system.

Image MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2013-Early 2015) I/O Board


MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2013-Early 2015) I/O Board


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Thanks Dan! This is very helpful.

Because the MafSafe was giving power to the Macbook, I thought it could’t be the charger. Now I know it can be the charger.

So first I am going to check the MagSafe

Second, if that fails I am going to change the IO board.

Thanks again for helping me out!


I wil report my findings so talk to you later, Dan


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