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La PlayStation 3 (ou communément appelé la PS3) est le troisième système de divertissement informatique à domicile produit par Sony Computer Entertainment, et le successeur de la PlayStation 2. Il a été commercialisé le 11 Novembre 2006.

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Why won't the blu ray drive read disks?

I have a CECHE01 PS3 and it won't read games, dvd's, or blu rays. How do I know if the laser assembly needs to be replaced or if the whole blu ray drive needs to be replaced? Also, can someone explain the relationship between the main motherboard and the blu ray drive control board?

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williamkent, check the answer on this forum. Of course there are the issues that arise if the PS3 blu-ray player gets out of alignment. This can happen if the unit is accidentally dropped or bumped while playing a game. Sometimes you can even hear the disc making an odd noise when spinning if it is out of alignment. the least common issue is with the laser itself. In such cases, you may need to replace the laser inside the blu-ray player. You can download a repair guide from here and here you can download the blu ray service manual Hope this helps somewhat, good luck.

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May be your disk has Hard disk damage. Under the first test with the repair tool, or unsuccessful can only buy new.

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