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The Alcatel y900, also known as the Link 4G+ LED, is a 4G portable Hotspot with LTE capabilities.

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Emulate/Trick the phone to use direct power? Phone battery bloated

Unfortunately i had to permanently position Alcatel 4G hotpot on the charger, however, after a month the battery bloated and i’m afraid to leave it like that any more.

However, i don’t need the battery at the location at all but replacing the battery with just a power cable was not possible. The device doesn’t even turn on.

The battery is TLi036A1 with 4 pins.

pin 1. Vcc +

pin 2. (not marked) BSI or BTEMP

pin 3. GND

pin 4. (not marked) BSI or BTEMP

I remember that there were some “hacks” to emulate nokia batteries, which made it possible to use direct power at the phone battery pins.

I tried that, i measured resistances:

pin2 - GND => ~8k

pin4 - GND => ~21k

(btw the pin2 - pin4 resistance was => ~29k)

I tried hooking the appropriate resistor, replacing the resistance of 8k and also tried adding 21k at the appropriate pins but it got the device to turn on, even expose the wifi, indicate 3G/4G connection and than RESTART. That way, the device was just in a loop, restarting.

Everything was powered with appropriate 3.8V as marked on the battery.

So, i believe this is pretty common issue for mobile repair shop, i was wondering if anyone have any suggestion how to trick the device (as it is essentially the mobile phone without physical interface) to turn on and stay like that.

Anyone have any suggestion/idea what to try? How to make this hotspot to run of the direct power?


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Just a follow up. Eventually it was the middle pin which was the battery presence one. I wired a resistor there and it was able to boot up. But i had some problems supplying enough current to it. It was simply so thirsty :)

Eventually 1A works. Also, i spent some time designing and printing the plastic block to fit in but the first idea was not working. It was killing all the thiny buck converters that i had. So i got some pretty strong DC-DC power supply and converter, set it to 3.8V and now it’s working fine.

Block Image

Block Image

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