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Why will my MacBook not take more than 250GB Hdd?

Hello my mac book core 2 duo will not take more than 250GB of hard drive. i have tried 320GB, 500GB and 650GB and it won't work. it always get stuck at this point. it will not format when i format in OS it will format with Journaled with any problem and when i insert in back into the laptop to install it will give an error message saying the Os could not be install because the was no software to be install something like that. when i try to format with disk utility during installation it will give this error code saying ( Disk Erase failed with the error: input/output). but when i insert a 250GB everything goes smoothly without any error. have some one had this problem before? can some one help me out here?

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You've asked questions on Powerbook G4s and Unibodies, is this a different unit, all your machine seem to have the same type of problem: Why is MacBook Pro stuck in Apple logo with a spinning wheel?


What operating system are you trying to install? What are the last 3 characters of your serial number?


i don't have only one machine. i am trying to install Mac OS x 10.6.3


Have you considered it may be the data cable? are you buying the right HDD


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Did you check the EFI firmware version is the correct level for your system. I vaguely remember they added larger HD support in the firmware (not documented)

Here's a link the Apples MacBook EFI Firmware Update 2.1:

If you use an external Firewire or USB case to prep the HD make sure you use an external AC power brick to power the external drive and have good Firewire or USB 2 cables.

Lastly, you should be able to migrate your files from the internal drive over and then using the system Prefs > Startup Disk select your external disk to boot up from. If that works you should have no problems swapping it out.

I assume you made sure the given drive physically fits correctly inside and has the correct I/O interface to work in your system. If you are able to prep the drive and run from it externally but are unable to run it internally you'll need to give us the HD drives details maker, model number and size.

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