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Tutoriels de réparation pour le Magic Trackpad.

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Can I replace the Magic Trackpad glass by conductive plastic?

The Magic Trackpad is made by aluminum and glass. Is there any solution to replace it by any shapable material? Does it work for any conductive material well wired into chip?

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Place the material you want to try on top of it and tell your fingers do the walking. I seriously doubt anyone has tried this before so please let us know your results.

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+ that is a very interesting question and a good answer. Like to see if it is done through a digitizer, somewhat like the Wacom to get one to take it apart:-)


I will not put this as an answer for a number of reasons. The answer is no. The controller chip for the digitizer (The part that knows where you are touching.) is programed to understand the original material in a triangular measurements of capacitance.


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Maybe if you glass is only cracked and it still works you could cover it a high quality screen protector for say an iPad.

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