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D-Link dir615 can't connect windows devices, but android works

So, I’ve had a D-Link 615 for a few years now, but the wifi signal is bad in some places, so I bought another router (an Intelbras WRN150 ) and connected them via cable to expand my wifi range.

My plan is to use one of them to conenct to my ISP via PPPoE and the other one will connect to the first via cable. The problem is: no matter what configuration I use (Intelbras via cable to D-Link and D-Link to ISP or vice-versa), when i try to connect to the D-Link router (tried with two laptops and a desktop, either via cable and/or wifi), with a windows device, it doesn’t connect to the internet, while when I use my android phone (tested with at least 5 different phones), it works seamlessly. Connecting to the Intelbras router (also in both configurations and via cable or wifi) also works fine.

I tried resetting both to the factory defaults multiple times and start from scratch, but nothing seems to work.

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Hi @cristianbarni

You mentioned that it is not connecting to the internet,

mind sharing what is your ISP? I suppose it is ADSL ? what is the model of your ISP Modem?

Im thinking logically on your possible connection,

ISP Modem >>>

D-LINK WAN Port (PPPoE) for ISP >>>

D-Link Port 1-4 to your Intelbras WRN150 (LAN Port)

You mentioned windows not able to connect, are they in static IP or DHCP by D-Link router? how about DNS assignment?

try this

open command prompt (click start button and type cmd)

ping, is there any reply?

Note: Intelbras WRN150 should not have any DHCP activated, it should be managed by D-Link DIR615 Router.

Check for possible firmware updates for all devices too.

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Tl;DR: Thanks @salmonjapan, firmware updated solved it, so I'm asking advice on how to setup everything properly.

There were firmware updates for both devices, so i updated them and the problem seems to be solved.

For information's sake:

I use a local ISP in Brazil, called seanet. They use fiber up to the building's router, but only provide an Ethernet cable to my home, so I don't really know how the connection is setup besides my door.

My current setup is:

ISP cable to D-Link WAN Port >> D-Link Port 1 to Intelbras WAN Port (Using Static IP by D-Link Router)

Every computer is DHCP enabled and automatically get the DNS.

When it wasn't working, I could ping and also tried with, all seemed to work fine. I also tried to browse the google IP but without success.

You mentioned deactivating DHCP in the Intelbras router, but then how should I configure it? My only options are PPPoE, Static IP, Dynamic IP, PPTP, L2TP. I'm not sure how the two latest work, i've only ever used the 3 first ones.



Im not sure about the interface on the Intelbras router but you can leave it blank / DHCP defaults on the WAN interface.

For LAN Interface, it should not have DHCP Server enabled.

It should be assigned by the D-Link DHCP Server.

Your methods work but it think it will results in "Double NAT"


Yeah, I was facing some problems like not being able to access devices connected on the intelbras router when my device was connected to the D-Link one. Using the LAN port instead of the WAN and disabling DHCP on the Intelbras solved everything. Thank you so much for your time and help, @salmonjapan .



You are welcome :)

Glad it works now


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