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Repair guides and support for your Samsung TV.

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Samsung TV flickering and has backlight issues. what could it be?

I got this tv today the image flashes/flickers. it is a un65ks850df. it starts flickering after about 20 minutes or so of use. also it has a second problem that starts right when i turn it on. the backlight goes from high to low ( not gradually) every 30 seconds or so and it wont allow me to change the backlight level in the settings. however i am able to change the brightness and sharpness and contrast, just not the backlight. we sent it to a repair shop and he replaced the main board but it still does the same thing. This is a video of the tv flickering ( the most annoying problem). it goes away sometimes and comes back after a while. Please let me know what it could be. thank you

this is a link of the flickering.


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Go to Menu , Picture, Backlight and vary level (0 – 20)

• If no backlight changes observed:

Check Panel Connector minus (-) pin voltages and P-DIM voltages while changing backlight level.

• If minus Panel voltages don’t change, and P-DIM changes, replace SMPS.

• If P-DIM doesn’t change replace Main/T-CON Board.

MUTE 4 1 9 EXIT to test Panel Backlight Sections.

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Thank you so much. So you do not think it is the LCD panel itself, or the backlights? Also, if i already replaced the main board, Is it safe to say it is the SMPs since you believe it is either that or the main board/tcon board? I dont have a voltage meter unfortunetely. This is my second time attempting to repair a tv but i could get one if you think it will be helpful.


Does anybody have an idea of whats going? could it be the panel itself?


No this would not be a back light issue or the LCD, if you follow the test above it will help you figure out which board it is.


Thank you again Brent! I will do the test tomorrow.


Just checking to see what you found out about this.


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