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Lancé le 4 novembre 2017. Modèles A1868, A 1901. Disponible avec GSM ou CDMA /  64 ou 256 Go / argent et gris sidéral. (Se prononce "iPhone 10".)

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iPhone X touch not working ; missing caps and filters

Hello iFixit, I recently received an iPhone X for repair because it had no touch. I inspected the board under the microscope and found out that there are some missing filters and capacitors. As I do not have any donor boards for the caps and filters, I wanted to know is there any way to fix the no touch issue?

The filters and caps missing are :


FL5891 (PP5V25_TOUCH_VDDH) ;




Any help, would be highly appreciated! :)

Update (11/05/2020)

Just need to get the phone’s touch working so If anyone could please help me in what needs to be replaced or jumped :)

Thanks in advance!

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You will at least need to replace the filters. Even after replacing the filters you still might not have touch.

How did they become removed to start with?

I would start by checking the touch connector and filter pads for proper diode readings. I would suspect an open line on one of the circuits which will require you to separate the board.

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I suspect the previous technician might have somehow gotten the filters to be fallen, i guess he was using a hot air gun to separate the board that might have caused the filters to fall off.

I checked the touch connector where I am getting improper diode reading and the filter pads as well have improper readings.


@iammyron07 Next step would be to separate the board and check the pads on the other side.


@imicrosoldering Just checked, the pads on both the layers seem fine to me, No ripped pads as such. Really confused with this one.


@iammyron07 Take some readings of the corresponding pads on the top layer. This could be a heated CPU.


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If filter is missing you can jump with wire.I also got and iPhone x with track broken fix with lower board swap.If the iPhone was dropped one there must be other issues.After replace filter if still not working try this once iPhone X touch fix by me may helpful for you.

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