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The Surface Book 3 13.5" is a hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft and released in May 2020.

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Teardown video for the Surface book 3 with 1650

When will the teardown for the 13.5 inch or 15inch surface book happen? Its been 4 months.

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No need, same as the 2nd generation, just different chips.

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Got a link to that ? Where is the tablet fan located ?


@tomchai Thanks!

The tablet seems to have spaces for 2 fans but there's only 1. Is this the case on the Book 3 ? I was thinking of a little project (once my Book 3 arrives in a couple days): a stand with integrated 4pin fans with speed control to help cool it if necesary.

This is why I'd appreciate all your thoughts/information on fans and airflow. It'll help me decide between blasting air into the back of the tablet, using a horizontal fan with some channels to get the air through the holes on the sides, what side to inject the air to etc.



@jonzarate It's clearly designed with 2 CPU fans in mind, there are heatsink fins. fan spaces and even power sockets in place. However later in the design it became apparent that one would do. So they added graphite stickers in the back case to help dissipate heat from the right heatsink "horn" and left the right fan along with its power sockets unpopulated.

There are people in China offering dual-fan modifications, but in my opinion its effectiveness is quite limited. It probably only helps peak sustained load a little bit, the heatsink wasn't good enough to be able to pull heat from the chip in the first place, so the second fan is just very slightly better than the graphite sticker it currently has.


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