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Guides pour la version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Mini 3 (A1599). Annoncé le 16 octobre 2014, l'iPad Mini 3 est le successeur de l'iPad Mini Retina (maintenant appelé iPad mini 2).

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Is my logicboard damaged or is my lcd damaged

I dropped my ipad on the backside and a cluster of dead pixels appeared and whenever it displayed something dark colored, lines would appear on the screen. the touch still works though. now there is a black curved line on the top right corner of the lcd and the screen is completely filled with lines. the screen still displays the colors of my wallpaper. I’m wondering is this just a lcd issue or a lcd and logicboard issue. i forgot the mention that images were also becoming more pixelated as well

Update (11/10/2020)

I will give an update after the repair. Wish me good luck

Update (11/10/2020)

plus i forgot to mention that my lcd was glitching after the drop. is this a sign that the image filter on the board was damaged

Update (11/12/2020)

I fixed my iPad mini 3 screen and there are no problems now. There aren’t any signs that anything was damaged on the board that are visible on the display. Thank you to all people who gave advice

Update (12/09/2020)

Bad news: my ipad lcd is going nuts again. It randomly had lines making it unusable. I don't know the cause. Do you think it could be defective? Should I replace the lcd again

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It sounds to me like you need a screen replacement. Some phone and tablet parts suppliers will sell you a screen and give you a refund if it turns out not to fix the problem. But ony, of course, if you’re sufficiently careful with it to return it exactly as received.

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I am wondering if my ipad logicboard is damaged because some people say that the image circuit on the logicboard can get drop damaged and can result in bad image. hopefully it isnt damaaged in any way. Wish me good luck for when I fix my ipad!


plus my lcd is kind of glitching. could this be signs of logicboard damage


Bad news: my ipad lcd is malfunctioning AGAIN. While i was using it, the screen decided to randomly become blurry. It was blurry with lines. I couldn't fix the issue. Should I replace the lcd again?


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