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On-screen keyboard inactive; locked out of my phone.

I bought a brand new Oukitel WP8 Pro. While configuring the equipment to my liking, the GBoard stopped responding, the system locked me out and I can no longer insert the unlocking PIN.

I’ve already tried the the basic approach - reboot - and the system remains with the same problem. Hard reset is not available, for some reason I ignore; the option is simply not listed.

The phone still hadn’t been set up with a Google account, as I was still getting acquainted with the new Android 10 it carries. It has less than two hours of use.

For some reason, it does not connect with my computer. Under Windows, the system returns a message that the MTP Device driver was installed with errors and under Linux the phone is recognized by the system but returns an error when trying to access the device. ADB access is not available.

Is there any way I can hard reset it or should I return the phone to the seller and request a new one?

Atualizar (29/11/2020)

Apparently, this phone has two bot up menus. By pressing Power+Down, the system displays an hardware test menu, by pressing Power+Up, the standard boot menu with reset option shows.

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For clarity, you are talking about Gboard when you mention “Google Board” correct?

Yes, well then…

Most common ways to do a hard reset on Android devices.

If none of that works trying your seller may be prudent.

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I'm referring to the native on-screen keyboard that ships with Android. Whatever its correct name is. I assumed GBoard stood for Google Board, hence my wording.


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