moto x4 won't start or charge

My moto x4 is a little over two years old. It was working fine and fully charged when I sent it in the mail to my daughter at college. But she was unable to start it. Now that it is back home I see that it also is not taking a charge (though it was before). It does not respond to power button and volume down button held down for 2 minutes. Is this a bad battery or something else?

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Same problem here. I just got an iFixit kit for Christmas. I took apart the device and didn't see any obvious problems. Still not charging or powering on.


"same here", but this happened after I changed the usb port.

For a while, when connected on a usb port, the phone would occasionally show the "charging light" blinking, and enumerate in fastboot mode on a usb port. But not anymore.

A phone repair professional (who doesn't want to otherwise touch non-Apple phones) saw the charging light and suggested the screen may be broken. I changed the screen, but to no avail.


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