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Annoncé en mars 2015, puis commercialisé le 10 avril 2015, le Galaxy S6 est le prochain flagship de la série Galaxy. La version avec un écran incurvé est connue en tant que Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Galaxy S6 motherboard replacement of G920A/W8

My Motherboard died can i swap motherboard for another? Does it have to be the same model number, or any can work? Or some ? I am way over my head in this area. Any body know where to get one That will work for me, cheap? (I live in canada eh) Thanks everybody!!!

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Thank you for all the answers !


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You’ll probably want to use the same motherboard from the same model. Samsung is notorious for having slightly different variants when it comes to certain parts. For example I’ve had an S8 come into my shop after a customer replaced his own screen and charge port. Afterwards it wasn’t detecting the SIM card. It turned out that he ordered the wrong port for a different variant. I replaced it with a proper one and it worked from there.

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