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Samsung 65-inch 2160P TV. Released in 2015.

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How could I replace Samsung broken tv screen?

I’ve broken my 65 inch Samsung tv . I know no store does replacements and even if they did it would cost the same amount as a new tv , but has anyone tried put on a screen from a different tv ? For example replacing the Samsung screen with a Sony screen . Would that even work? And is there any other way I can fix?

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You would have to obtain the datasheets for both the TV panels that you wished to swap, the old and the new to verify that the new panel is compatible with the boards that will have to connect to it . Also the new panel, panel mounts may be located in different spots so again it may not be compatible with the frame that it has to go into

The only things to try are to find the panel make and model number, usually found on the back of the panel itself and try and locate a replacement using that information or to source an exact same model faulty TV where the panel appears to be OK and hopefully it may be a board problem that nobody can be bothered fixing.

The best option is to advertise the TV as faulty screen - good for parts to try and recoup some of the cost towards a new TV. Working boards are always in demand.

Good luck

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I’m looking at the tv rn it seem that I just need the display screen everything else work fine . i don’t if that would make any difference and thank youuu for your help!!


I found a toshiba tv for cheap that is the same size as the broken how can I check if their compatible ? I only need the Black display screen


@Nelly Belly

As I said you would need to know the make and model number of the screen panel, not the TV. Being the same size may be purely coincidental. It is how the connections to the actual screen are wired that matters. just because the connectors may have the same number of connections and are of the same type that doesn't mean that it is wired the same way.

A lot of screens are made to order for the TV manufacturer by specialist screen manufacturers and not by the TV manufacturer themselves.

Check what information is on the back of the screen, not on the TV cover.

If you plug things in you could end up damaging the screen and the boards that you're connecting and be even worse off than you are now.

Also with Toshiba, IF it is a Toshiba screen and not another maker's screen made for Toshiba there won't be any information available publicly as Toshiba doesn't release this kind of information


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