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LG 42SL90,Sound but No Video White screen

Greeting everyone,I have LG 42SL90,there is Sound but No Video only White screen can changing channel,switching between TV/Radio other than that nothing else.

Cleaned up every possible connectors but still no go.

I noticed that the led driver board blinking red light,but seem all LED's are on.

Any suggestion what could be the problems really appreciated,thank you.



Update 11/27/20

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (11/24/2020)

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@koalawine the white screen would mean that your backlight is on but you do not get a video signal. Check your cables for any shaved insulation and the connectors for loose pins. Try different video input sources and see if that changes anything. This can be a main board, T-con board error as well as the LCD driver board error (which is part of the panel and not DIY removable). You can always post pictures of you boards with your QUESTION so that we can see what you see.

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My apology for the delay,while hoping you will be the one who answering my query but didn't expect you will responding so quick LOL :thumbsup:

I did checked the hardware and there are no visual damage,wiggle and tapping all components but nothing happened.

The TV responded to the remote except cannot get video and the led driver board blinking red light.

Thanks for you time.


@koalawine give us a close up of your main board, the one with all the video inputs. Looks like either the heatsinks are off or the GPU has shifted and is not making proper contacts.




Yeah you're right,I noticed that too the heatsinks shifted.

I tapped,put light pressure but nothing happened.

I intended to reflow the mainboard but unfortunately not possible since both sides has components/SMD's soldered to it :-(

The question is,which of the boards is more likely to be faulty.

Why is the LED driver board blinking Red light??

Is that because the video processor of mainboard faulty/dry joints or because of the T-con?

Or the actual LED driver board itself faulty?

I cannot go into menu since there is NO video/picture but TV responding to remote or manual buttons.

The reason I try to fix the TV,'cause I like the borderless design and it supposed to have IPS-panel and I intend to used it as big PC-monitor in my room.

Of course I can buy new monitor or TV,but I don't like the idea of spending hundreds of $ only to have a throw away product which last till the warranty expired.





Did you check the power board voltages as per the sm, just to eliminate the power board as the problem, you didn't say?


@koalawine this looks to me like your main board is the issue here. Your white screen and no video signal and your video processor being cockeyed on your board would be reason enough for me to change that board. Your LED board might be blinking due to no signal but your LED’s are all working. I’d consider that a secondary issue


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What is the full model number of the TV?

Here's the No video/normal audio troubleshooting page from the LG 42SL90 QD service manual. Hopefully it will be the same for your model

Also did you check if there are any menu screens shown or if there is video when using other input types, i.e. HDMI, AV etc you didn't say?

If only when selecting DTV signals (RF coax input ) then go to p.44 to see the flowchart.

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