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Why is my signal low after replacing the front screen?

Just a few days ago, I replaced the lcd and front screen after I dropped it and everything seems to have been replaced correctly. However, I get very low signal for calls/texting, if any at all. It constantly is "searching" for the network or at best, I get one bar. I was told to reconnect the small black adapter wire found above the speakers to the corresponding plug on the motherboard, but that doesnt seem to have done it. I also read that people SOLDER a piece together and it works perfectly??!! I don't know about going that extreme, but I'd really appreciate it if someone could identify what part might need reconnected!

Many Thanks!!!

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Next to wifi cip under the dock connector there is a little blue capacitor thats is commonly knocked off. You can cut a cord and extract a piece wire from it and lay it over the two points where the contacts broke off and drop a drop of flux on it, then touch it with a hot iron with a little bit of solder on it and it should be back to or better than its old self. If thats not the issue however, I would clean your contacts with a toothbrush and windex and reassemble

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