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The Lenovo A7 tablet is a 7-inch Android tablet released by Lenovo in April 2015. The A7-30 tablet was released in two versions, the 3G/Wi-Fi model (MediaTek MT8382M) version, and the Wi-Fi only (MediaTek MT8127) version.

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Lenovo a7-30 won't turn on, stuck at black screen


Yesterday I have bought this Lenovo tablet 2 a7-30.

when I try to turn it on, it shows the Lenovo logo and then it shows black screen for about 5 minutes and then it shuts down.

I can access the recovery and I tried to factory reset it however that didn't help.

Also when the tablet is charging, it shows the battery icon but the whole screen is glitching and is showing random colors and lines.

any idea how can I fix it?

thank you

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Alright, i have fixed it by reinstalling the firmware using phone flash tool and now its working just fine.

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