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Commercialisé en mai 2020, ce MacBook Pro 13" comprend des processeurs quad-core 10e génération Intel Core i5 et i7 ainsi qu'une carte graphique Intel Iris Plus intégrée. Modèle A2251/EMC3348 avec quatre ports Thunderbolt 3.

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Is there same flexgate problem like on 2016-2017 models?

Is there at MacBook pro 13 2020 extended display backlight connector? No flexgate?

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Can you give us a bit more on what you are seeing. Take some pics/vid and post them so we can see what you are encountering Ajout d'images à une question existante

The FlexGate issue was a short backlight cable. I haven't see any issues with the backlight cables in any of the newer models.


OK, could you please tell me length of backlight cable at 2020 models?


@morzan - How about giving us a bit more on your issue.

Sometimes its best to have the doctor diagnose the issue Vs having the patient ask how to remove the appendix as you think you have appendicitis! Just because you have a stomach ache.


@danj sorry for that move, but i wanted to decide if its worth to bought MBP now, cause i know about that flexgate issues.


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The FlexGate issue was limited to the 2016/17/18 models. Apple addressed the issue in late 2018 and all newer systems by using a slightly longer cable to avoid the issue.

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For reference:

Now with that tucked in, lets look a bit deeper! Apple has a second issue with their systems which is related to the location of the T-CON board within the system and the systems ability to shed heat! So we have few variables that need to be discussed first. The TDP of the CPU is a big factor! A i9 runs hotter than an i7 or i5. So getting the most powerful model puts you more at risk. Next the 2016 & 2017 13” models between the Fn & TB where the TB model offers a better heat sink solution (two fans) Vs the Fn model (one fan) so if you are running your system hard you can encounter issues on the Fn model before the TB model. Next we have the vents and making sure the fans and fin areas are not blocked.

OK, so with all of that in your mind lets move on! So the person who runs their system hard needs to be careful as you can kill the display, you need to install a good thermal monitor app to ramp up the fans. Someone who is not pushing their system you likely won’t encounter this issue.

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For Reference: I see a black ribbon in the bottom of the screen in the morning why?

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Already using “Mac’s fan control”, and trying to not overheat cpu higher 70-75*C. Thank you for recommendation.


@morzan - I personally think TG Pro is better. One last point don't use your Mac on the bed or rug as both will block the vents and lastly keep your system and area clean!


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